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Aidan Brooks


Aidan Brooks


All about Foraging, Food-Growing & Sustainability

Aidan kicked off his fine dining career at Comerç 24 in Barcelona. His experience has been varied, traveling to learn about cheese, natural and biodynamic wine and raw ingredients from small producers. He helped Nuno Mendes open Viajante, the first ever Michelin Starred restaurant in the East End and was heavily involved in the opening of Eelbrook in Fulham before running the kitchen at Vanilla Black. Eleven years after he started this food tour, Aidan went back to Hackney, the borough which he calls home, to launch Eleven98. 

His menu is designed each day differently, depending on what fruits and vegetables were foraged that very same day. If they don't come from his own backyard, all plants he uses are grown within a 10 minute cycle radius, either at an urban farm or a community garden in the borough of Hackney. Honey comes from family friends and dry store goods, fish, meat and ethical cleaning products are all purchased from Hackney-based independent businesses. 

Behind this obsession with local sourcing of all his produce, Aidan wants to showcase local food growers and artisans while reinforcing the most forward-looking values one can have as a chef: sustainability, low food miles and low carbon footprint. 

With each ticket sold, 50p goes to each of these Hackney-based charities: