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OPENKITCHEN IS a testament to what can happen when great chefs, producers and partners put their heads together.


James Haywood | founder

If you ask him, the top 2 problems in the world are waste of resources and waste of human potential. His premise with OpenKitchen is that if we can solve these problems in hospitality, then we can do it anywhere.

For participating chefs, it’s not merely about showing off technique, it’s about encouraging innovation within the food system. That’s why bugs appear on every menu and why zero-waste is our default. We select chefs based on talent, grit and determination; 50% of our participating chefs are women and 50% are minorities.


Gabriel Waterhouse

Gabriel’s Water House Project was the initial pilot for OpenKitchen.


Danilo Cortelini | Mentor

Danilo is one of the project’s most senior mentors. After spending time in two and three Michelin-Starred establishments and even making it to the final of MasterChef, Danilo now serves as the Head Chef at the Italian Embassy in London. In addition to his time spent at the embassy, Danilo caters to private events and regularly gets involved in fine dining supper clubs. He is now running an internship programme at the embassy, designed to alleviate the struggles young foreign chefs face in the city.


Jorge Baumhauer da silva | Mentor

Previously part of the creative teams in restaurants like Rocket, Aubaine, Ceviche and Andina, Jorge is now the head chef for the Embassy of Brazil in London and a frequent lecturer at Leith’s School of Food and Wine in west London. His popup, Passports & Spices has gained attention from the press and earned him a reputation across town.


Patrick d’andrea | Mentor

Patrick is best known for his private cheffing, cooking for the likes of Leonardo di Caprio, Robert De Niro, Naomi Campbell and many more. When he isn’t on the run, he organises food tours in Borough Market and interactive popups from his flat in Bermondsey. He’s a big advocate for farm-to-table and locally sourced produce, and a great resource for young sous-chefs.




Jonny Orton is our wine expert. For each new menu, he sits down with us and walks us through different options until we find the bottle that best complements each dish. He is currently student of the Institute of Masters of Wine.

Jonny is the go-to guy if you’re looking for a rare bottle.


Capucine Giraud


Lucia Ocejo

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Sam Marks


Bisila Noha