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Danilo Cortellini


Danilo Cortellini


"Utter Perfection!”

William Sitwell

Growing up in Abruzzo, a region of Italy known for culinary tradition, Danilo always felt about the kitchen as a means of bringing people together. From cooking with his mother and grandmother thirty years ago to working with icons like Giovanni Rana and Alain Ducasse, he always held onto those values.

After spending time in two and three Michelin-Starred establishments and making it to the final of MasterChef, Danilo now serves as the Head Chef at the Italian Embassy in London. He published his first book, 4 Grosvenor Square: The Menu of the Italian Embassy in London highlighting his love of Italian produce and dishes through Family recipes passed down from previous generations. In addition to his time spent at the embassy, Danilo caters to private events and regularly gets involved in supper clubs. 

Danilo is pushing the boundaries with his Italian cooking!
He might have invented something new and wonderful...
— Charles Campion

Although now very established, Danilo went through the same struggles that most aspiring chefs do, especially when moving to a new city, and so he launched First Approach, an internship programme for enthusiastic, young chefs in London. The programme, with the support of the Italian Embassy, provides a handful of aspiring chefs with accommodation, professional training and advice on everything from setting up a bank account to building a new life in London. 

“It’s a great chance for them.  As well as gaining from the professional training we give them, we can help young people avoid the loneliness that can sometimes happen in the move to a big city." “We know that the hospitality industry can be challenging, and young adults can be taken advantage of, so we offer them counselling and practical tips for dealing with moving to an unfamiliar place, and they get a full immersion into every aspect of my kitchen."

Danilo embodies OpenKitchen’s values better than most, and serves as an example and an inspiration for all aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs.

Danilo is a talented chef with a great respect for ingredients, who truly understands Italian flavours