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Feedback from our guests

The plates were a great touch, and although I am not generally a fan of Natural wines, these were incredibly well chosen. It all went very smoothly from the guest side, and couldn’t have been nicer for us.
— Dorothy

OpenKitchen’s first event proved that it has the potential to become the incubator that London is missing; great buzz and food, definitely going back.
— Markos

What a truly epic occasion this was! James and his team were wonderful hosts, Warren’s food was delicious, with thought provoking dishes, showcasing masterful cookery skills. Here’s to many more.
— Sam

We spent a wonderful evening with some friends at OpenKitchen. James and the team managed to beautifully combine extremely fine and innovative food with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere were all guests were like food mates reuniting.
— Capucine

Tremendous food, great venue, genuine people and good atmosphere: all the tastiest ingredients for this first OpenKitchen event! A very enjoyable, surprising alternative to the traditional supper clubs. Looking forward to attending the next one!
— Camille

I absolutely loved the experience. The place was beautiful, the atmosphere great and the food extremely delicious. Very original, interesting and tasteful dishes accompanied by great wines. One could see all the care and love that the team had put into the whole experience - the plates used, the presentation, the music... All in all, it was just amazing! The concept of the project is very innovative and the delivery spot-on.
— Bisila

I thought the food was excellent and it was a great place to be surrounded by other foodies who really appreciated innovative dining.
— Lori

Exquisite food, unbelievable service and a great social.
— Charles

An exceptional evening with succession of beautifully crafted dishes, elegantly presented. 10/10 all round.
— Paul

Incredible back of house with a bursting front and fantastic food in between.
— Benjamin

The food and service was excellent, the variety of concepts and flavours were as interesting as they were delicious.
— Ramez

Amazing food and atmosphere! A well balanced tasting menu, what an experience!
— Dominic

Had a really good evening! The food was great and it was really cool how the chef came out and presented the dishes.
— Nicole

Some of the best food I’ve ever had, in an awesome venue with a relaxed atmosphere.
— Edd