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Patrick D'Andrea


Patrick D’Andrea

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Patrick grew up around his parents’ bed and breakfast, in the Florentine hills of Italy. His mother taught him traditional authentic Italian cuisine, and the benefits of using fresh locally foraged produce. After studying at the Aurelio Saffi Culinary Institute in Florence, he trained at hotels like the Excelsior and the Splendid Royale and spent four years with Cipriani in Venice, Hong Kong and New York. Patrick has cooked for the likes of Valentino, Naomi Campbell, Robert De Niro, Leonardo di Caprio, Jimmy Choo and “the Queen of Pop”.

With his girlfriend Alexandra, the pair has run secret supper clubs for many years in New York, and now in London. Their passion for fresh, healthy “farm to table” produce gets them out of bed early and keeps them up late experimenting.

Patrick's style, although Italian at heart, shows influences from New Orleans, Mexico, Cuba and Spain, all cultures where food holds such an important place within society. As an example, he occasionally offers food tours, starting at Borough Market and finishing around his own dinner table on Bermondsey street.